KEN MILLER - Luthier - Ukulele - 2014
North Carolina
This beautiful blonde instrument is made of solid American Holly, the only naturally white wood.  Holly is used for the face, back, sides, neck, fingerboard and bridge.  The trim work around the body, fingerboard and sound hole is Curly Maple The interior bracing and blocks are of Adirondack (Red) Spruce, the linings are of Cypress. 
The Inlays are of green snail, white and gold Mother of Pearl and Red Abalone. The nut is Mother of Pearl and the saddle is of Ivory. The ukulele is finished with Oil Varnish which give the Holly a rich Ivory color. Comes with Deluxe Gotoh Tuners and hardshell case.
Original Price $750.00


JONAH KUMALAE - Soprano - Style I 1919
Natural finish, Koa wood body & neck in great condition considering it is almost 100 years old!  Overall length is 20 1/2" 6" wide. Narrow hip. Some of the inside and outside label still intact. Very fine example of the early Uke of that heyday of Ukulele World. Come with nice soft padded case.   $400.00

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